About Us

Simicards is a family owned and operated small business that  deals in the selling of sports cards and more. We have been collecting  sports cards for 30 years and have been in the selling business for 25!

Over the past couple of years, we have been able to build a large  selection. We have more than 650,000 cards in our Beckett Marketplace  store while our eBay store has over 2,000. Every day our inventory  grows. With over 2 million cards in the warehouse still waiting to be  sorted for your collection, we are always buying and offering newer  product and old. Our goal is to offer you the largest selection  possible, for a fair price and unbeatable customer service!

My name is Tony Velarde. My grandfather was a sports fanatic and  introduced me to his love of sports. I began to familiarize myself with  the teams and players and eventually became a fan myself. I could  remember sports stats and trivia on the back of the cards by heart and  could call them out whenever someone mentioned a player or team. As I  grew into my teens, I began collecting sports cards. Through my years of  collecting, the words of a wise man resonated within me. He shared a  secret that would grow my collection for free. To this day, his secret  has rung true! So began my business venture...rest in peace Max!

During the card collecting craze of the 90's, we had three card store  locations in the South Bay of California. My first store was located in  Torrance. After my parents moved to Simi Valley, I decided to follow and  purchased one of the oldest card shops in Southern California, Baseball  Cards Etc. of Simi Valley. The store was a common stomping ground for  the local collectors. Unfortunately, we closed the location for various  reasons, but mainly to spend the time with my mother who was ill with  cancer. After her passing, I went to work for a large card distributor  to learn a few more things in the business. I still had a large  selection of cards in my possession and I wanted to gain some knowledge  about the changes in the hobby. With my inventory on hand and a new  found knowledge of the World Wide Web and eBay, my family and I decided  to make use of the invaluable internet by launching simicards.com

Simicards.com offers you a one stop location for all your sport  card collecting needs. In addition, we offer unbeatable customer  service! I have found that it is crucial to know who you are doing  business with and how your products are handled and cared. With the help  of my wife and four kids, we work tirelessly buying boxes, sorting and  pricing our large inventory so that our customers can select from a  large variety of cards that are authentic and in their best condition.

We have many ideas and plans for this site down the road. This was the  first step! We hope we can take it together! If you have any questions  or recommendations, we'd appreciate your feedback!

Please enjoy your search through our vast selection and we look forward to serving you!  


PO Box 941264
Simi Valley, California
  (818) 404-4465